Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Saver Packing Machine DZ-280B

Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Saver Packing Machine DZ-280B

Manufacture And Export Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Saver Packing Sealing Machine with Storage Bag From Zhejiang Tianyu industry Co. Ltd Factory.Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Saver Packing Sealing Machine Used ABS engineering plastic,full ABS high gloss surface,wet and dry; Aluminum shell copper core vacuum pump motor,strong suction,quiet and low noise;Intelligent touch panel,one-button operation,one-button vacuum and sealing,easy to use;Use overheat protection,layer protection,multi-point detection,and protection if the temperature is too high.The sealing strip is made of silicone to make the sealing better;Automatic sealing,single sealing,manual pumping,etc.Suitable for more sealed bags and pumping function :The product has a single sealing function (you can choose the length of the vacuum bag and seal it according to the actual situation). The product has a single pumping (the guest can pump the air according to the actual needs, and will not damage the food).The product has automatic pumping and sealing (guest uses a universal vacuum bag, after the automatic function is selected, the product will automatically pump and seal). The product has the function of dry and wet food, so that customers have more vacuum preservation options for food.

Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Saver Packing Sealing Machine Function:
1.Model  No.:DZ-280B
2. Color: pink
3.Material: plastc ABS
4.Size: 413×110×232 mm
5. One-touch automatic operation with intelligent LED indicator, which is very easy to operate. Include sealing and vacuum sealer two functions. Do vacuum packing and sealing with one simple press.
6.Prevents mold and bacteria growth and keeps the nutrients intact and food fresh. Eliminates freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste
7.Closes a bag in less than 10 seconds or sucks a bag in less than 20 seconds, which is very fast and easy.
8.Compact size and lightweight design for easy store. Be careful with the heated sealing edge, Not recommended for children to use
9.Safety lock design keeps the food sealing machine tightly closed when being operated, very safe and preventing your hands from being burned. 
10. House port at side prevent the water into the machine
11.Separate power switch: convenient and safe
12.Food grade sealing strip, more healthier
13.Removable vacuum PUV foam, easy to replace
14.Interchangeable and durable heat tape
15.The plug of over the world
16.Longer vents, work for a long time won’t overheat
17.European patent
18.Skid-proof and shock-proof design
19.Scale inside; wide sealing
20.“cancel” button allows you to stop working any time. Enjoying DIY

Package Included:

1×Vacuum Sealer Packing Machine
10× Vacuum Sealer bags
1×User Manual
1 pcs/color box;
6 color box /carton
Carton size:42x35.5x48.8cm 

HS CODE:8422400000

Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Saver Packing Sealing Machine Specification:

 Model  No. DZ-280 DZ-280A DZ-280B DZ-280C
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50HZ  110/60HZ
Sealing Power (W) 60 100 150
Ultimate Vacuum Pressure (KPa) 72Kpa - 88Kpa
Quantity of Sealing Bar 2
Sealing Length & Sealing Width (mm) 280 ×8 280 ×8 280 ×8 280 ×8
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 380*65*55 380*65*55 413×110×232 490×104×234
Net Weight (kg) 0.52 0.6 1.36 1.6