Factory Tour

Zhejiang Tianyu Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional sealing machine factory, includes Impulse Heat Sealer,ABS handy impulse heat sealer, Iron handy impulse heat sealer, Foot Pedal Stamping Impulse Sealer, Plastic Bag Sealer,Band sealer,Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Sealing System,Heat Plastic Poly Bag Sealing Table Machine,Hot heat air gun, Hot melt glue gun,Customized products packing machine and System.

Zhejiang Tianyu Industry Co.,Ltd Factory was founded in 2000, has 17 years of design, production, sales  Customized products packing machine and  System history,company is located  Zhiying industry,Yongkang city,Zhejiang,China.With 38900 square meters of production plant, with a professional production equipment 156, with professional testing, testing, inspection equipment 26 sets.Our company  has 32 professional R & D and technical personnel in the industry, 46 full-time quality control personnel, 40 full-time production managers, and 320 professional and skilled production personnel.

Zhejiang Tianyu Industry Co.,Ltd Factory products are mainly sold to large supermarkets in countries Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and other countries, such as wal-Mart Stores,Carrefour,Metro,Tesco .Our company exports more than $170 million a year.

Zhejiang Tianyu Industry Co.,Ltd Factory has advanced production equipment, testing equipment and Skilled production personnel trained professionally, inspection staff, management staff has formed a set of  effective quality control system, in accordance with international industry standards, including file operations, product testing standards, sampling plans.Our company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2008.Most of the products produced by our company have been tested by internationally recognized testing and inspection agencies.