Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer PVC Bag Sealing Machine FS-200

Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer PVC Bag Sealing Machine FS-200

Manufacturing and Exporting Iron Case 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Length Hand Impulse Sealer FS-200 PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine From Zhejiang Tianyu industry Co. Ltd.Manufacturer.Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer FS Series PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine is a packing machine to seal the packing bag.It can effectively maintain the quality of the product.Turn on the power and put the product on the machine.The seal can be finished with a lightly pressure of the hand.The sealing machine can change the heating plate to achieve different sealing effect.
Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer FS Series PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine is Ideal for sealing PE/PP bags, polythene, bubble wrap, brown paper, etc. It can be used in household, supermarkets, stores, drugstores, small factories and so on.Iron Case hand Impulse Sealer yet powerful units are probably the most ubiquitous packaging machines, and are used to seal bags for a great variety of industries and applications. They are affordable and easy to use, which makes them a great alternative for light-duty bag sealing applications. The sealing process is simple,The operator places the bag over the sealing element and lowers the upper jaw thus activating the unit. The seal process quickly ends once the preset seal time is reached. The operator retrieves the sealed bag and repeats the process.

Iron Case 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Length Hand Impulse Sealer FS-200 PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine Features:
    • High temperature resistant silica gel makes your sealer have a longer service life than other ordinary sealer , the smoother silicone strip make the sealing effect way better.
    • High quality electric heating wire and high temperature resistant cloth enable to heat your poly bags effectively and seals them better
    • Time control panel designed temperature adjustment knob have 8 stalls to meet the needs of different materials
    • The heat dissipation design at the bottom make sure your safety during usage 10" poly plastic bag impulse heat sealers.
    • This Hand Sealer Creates A Seal That Keeps Products Safely And Securely It In The Bag. Use To Package A Wide Variety Of Products. These Simple Yet Rugged Machines Use A Timer To Regulate The Seal Cycle, Thus Assuring That All Bags Are Sealed Equally, Without The Need Of Constant Operator Supervision.
    • Typical Seal Takes Only A Fraction Of A Second. These Powerful Units Will Seal Most Small Bags, Including Those Made With Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, Cellophane, Polyolefin
    • This Machines Are Used To Seal: Sachets, Pillow-Type Bags, Pouches, Dog Bags, Gusseted Bags, Etc. It Can Be Used To Seal Bags. Food Products: Seal Your Homemade Pastries, Cookies, Cupcakes. Favors: Seal Your Party, Wedding, And Shower Favors. Industrial: Frequently Used In The Food & Beverage Industry. Bag All Your Merchandise
    • This Machines Are Used To Seal Sachets Pillow-Type Bags Pouches Dog Bags Gusseted Bags Suitable For Sealing Thermo Sealable Materials Such As: Cellophane Poly-Ethylene (LDPE & HDPE) Poly-Propylene (PP & BOPP) Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Poly-Olefins (POF).
    • Die-Cast construction No Warm-up time necessary Timer for Sealing Control Protection Fuse
    • 8 inch (20 cm) sealing length 2 mm wide sealing 
    • Auto LED shut-off indicator light.
    • Adjustable timer creates perfect seals for varying bag thickness.
    • Labor-saving design with long handle.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Built-in fuse for safe using.
    • Iron Case 
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Plug: US 
    • CE certified
    • This sealer is suitable to seal every kind of plastic films and widely used in the fields such as food and sweet stuff, drags, native and special goods, electric appliance parts etc. It is a perfect tool for home use to maintain product quality and avoid product loss.

    Iron Case 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Length Hand Impulse Sealer FS-200 PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine Specifications:

    1. Color: Blue
    2. Model: FS-200
    3. Power: 300W
    4. Weight: 1.98 kg
    5. Dimensions: 33.3X10X17.3 cm (L x W x H)
    6. Voltage: 110V,60Hz/220V,50Hz
    7. Material: Iron
    8. Plug: US Standard
    9.Sealing Length: 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm
    10.Seal width: 2mm
    11.Max sealing thickness: 0.3 mmx2
    12.Heat Time: 0.2 - 1.5s
    13.Food and non-food applications
    14.Commercial and home use
    15.Seals a wide variety of bags & films
    16.Adjustable heat controls
    17.Timer for sealing control
    18.Compact and portable
    19.Seals all kinds of plastic No warm up time needed
    20.Iron Shell Finish
    21.Replaceable Built-In Fuse with Approx. 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Long Sealing Performance
    22.Compact and Labor-Saving Design
    23.Power-Saving Impulse Sealing Technology
    24.Easy to Handle 
    25.Iron Case 
    27.Plug: US 
    28.CE certified

    Iron Case 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Length Hand Impulse Sealer FS-200 PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine Package includes:
    • 1× FS-200 Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine
    • 2× 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Free Replacement Elements 
    • 2x 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm Free Replacement Teflon Tapes
    • 1x English Product Manual
    • 1 PCS/Gifts Box,
    • Gifts box Size:333x100x173 mm
    • FS-200 Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer PVC Film Bag Sealing Machine Weight: 1.98 kg
    • 10 PCS/CTN 
    • Carton Size:535x345x360 mm 
    • G.W/CTN:18.6Kg

    HS CODE:8422303090
    Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer PVC Film Bag FS Series Sealing Machine Specification:
Zhejiang Tianyu industry Co. Ltd.Manufacturer Manufacture,Export Iron Case Hand Impulse Sealer PVC Film Bag FS Series Sealing Machine Specification
Model  No. FS-200 FS-300 FS-400
Voltage AC220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ AC220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ AC220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ
Impulse power 300W 400W 600W
Max sealing length 8"/200 mm/8 inch/20 cm 12"/300 mm/12 inch/30 cm 16"/400 mm/16 inch/40 cm
Max sealing width 2mm 2-3mm 2-3mm
Max sealing thickness 0.6mm 0.8mm 0.8mm
Adjustable heating time 0.2-1.5S 0.2-1.5S 0.2-2S
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 333X100X173 470X105X190 575X105X195
Weight 1.98KGS 2.24KGS 3.26KGS
Carton Size(mm) 535X345X360 570X485X385 590X570X390
G.W/CTN(Kg) 18.6 23.58 32.6