Food Vacuum sealers for bag

Food Vacuum sealers for bag

Supply Food Vacuum sealers for bag from china.Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Machine Home Sealing System Meal Fresh Saver Packing help remove all air from package to prevent bacteria and protect food from freezer burns. Simply press the seal button and seal the bag right above the first seal you created. - One-touch automatic operation with intelligent LED indicator, which is very easy to operate. Include sealing and vacuum sealer two functions. Do vacuum packing and sealing with one simple press. Prevents mold and bacteria growth and keeps the nutrients intact and food fresh. Eliminates freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste .Closes a bag in less than 10 seconds or sucks a bag in less than 20 seconds, which is very fast and easy. Compact size and lightweight design for easy store. Be careful with the heated sealing edge, Not recommended for children to use .Safety lock design keeps the food sealing machine tightly closed when being operated, very safe and preventing your hands from being burned. How To Vacuum Sealer With Bags

1. Put the items inside the bag. Clean and straighten the open end of the bag, clearing away any dust and smoothing out wrinkles or ripples.

2. Place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber beneath the air intake. Do not overfill the bag.

3. Close the lid and then press on both sides of the lid,and lock the buckles. 4. Press the "Vacuum & Seal" Button and the green LED will blink, the bag will be automatically vacuumed.

5. When the LED turns to be red, the bag will be automatically sealed.

6. When the LED turns to be green again, the process is completed.

7. Open the vacuum releasing valve and release the vacuum pressure inside the machine.

8. Open the upper lid and take out the bag. Refrigerate or freeze sealed food bag if needed.

Small vacuum packer for your kitchen.How to keep the fruits,
vegetable or food clean and fresh? 

There are some researches show that the hypobaric hypoxia state can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, 
so if you want to keep your food fresh and clean, you d better vacuum your food before putting them in the refrigerator. 
With our little vacuum packer, you can vacuum and pack your food to make them fresher for longer. 
It is smaller than the ordinary vacuum packer, also, it can helps to seal the plastic bags easily. 
You will get a better experience with this little machine.

1. Please let the machine rest for 3 minutes after 10 times use;
2. It can seal the ordinary plastic bags. Aluminum bags or kraft paper bags can not be sealed;
3. It vacuums only the vacuum bags with strips on inner surface;
4. It can only be used for solid food, liquid can not be used, or solid food with a large amount of visible liquid cannot be used;
5.When not in use, do not close the lid and keep the lid open;
6.convenient to use,You just need to put a plastic bag containing food into the machine,press the switch,When the green light turns red is ok.

Package includes:
1 * Vacuum packer
15 * Free vacuum bags 
1 * Manual

2 in 1 Machine - Can be used as bag sealer and vacuum packing machine. Vacuum storage and saving space design to reduce the chance of food spoilage. Keep you food fresher for longer. But not limited to food; seal valuables and documents to protect them from dirt and damage Such as photographs and precious jewelry ;
Light weight, small volume, low noise, does not occupy space, fast vacuum, save time. Very simple manual operation with one button. Sealing for ordinary plastic bags or vacuum packing on using specialized plastic bags in few seconds;
Easy to Store and Clean - With sealant strip which can be unpacked and cleaned easily. With 2 high performance magnets on the back which allow you to store the machine on the refrigerator;
Voltage: 220V European standard , maximum vacuum 480mmhg, heat coil 1.5mm width, shell material ABS;
Includes 15 sealer bags.High quality, Meets all CE,ROHS and FCC requirements, One year warranty.