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Simple Type Foot Operate Impulse Sealer Chinese Factory

Production,manufacture,sale,export Simple Type Foot Operate Plastic Bag Impulse Heat Sealer machine from chinese factory.Simple Type Foot Operate Plastic Bag Impulse Sealer Machine is for sealing and packing PVC, PE and other material; While the direct heating type is adapted for sealing and packing glass paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, tin foil and polystyrene and polystyrene compound material, as well as for hot stamping ex-factory date and keeping date, etc...With the advantages of electric control, convenient and flexible adjustment and constant temperature, it is widely used in food, pharmacy, daily cosmetic, local products, aquatic product, seed, chemical industry, clothing and so on, the best sealing equipment used in factory, store and service industry.was founded in 2000, has 17 years of design, production, sales  Customized products packing machine and  System history,company is located  Zhiying industry,Yongkang city,Zhejiang,China.With 38900 square meters of production plant, with a professional production equipment 156, with professional testing, testing, inspection equipment 26 sets.Our company  has 32 professional R & D and technical personnel in the industry, 46 full-time quality control personnel, 40 full-time production managers, and 320 professional and skilled production personnel.Zhejiang Tianyu industry co.,Ltd products are mainly sold to large supermarkets in countries Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and other countries, such as wal-Mart Stores、Carrefour、 Metro 、Tesco .Our company exports more than $170 million a year.

Many size of pedal stamping impulse heat sealer available:

Item No. Impulse power Max sealing length Max sealing width Hearing time Weight
FR-300 350W 300mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 7.2KGS
FR-400 420W 400mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 7.5KGS
FR-500 500W 500mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 8.8KGS
FR-600 550W 600mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 10KGS
FR-700 600W 700mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 11KGS
FR-800 620W 800mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 13KGS
FR-1000 750W 900mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 14.5KGS
FR-1200 850W 1200mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 16KGS
FR-1400 950W 1400mm 2-3mm 0.2-2S 17.5KGS