Industrial hot air guns china

Industrial hot air guns china

Supply Industrial hot air guns from china.Industrial Heat Hot Air Gun Kit with LED Display Digital Precision Temperature Control Dual Temp-settings for Removing Paint, Bending Pipes, Shrinking PVC.Ideal for varnish and paint removable, decorating, home improvement, upcycling, thawing frozen pipes, loosening rusted bolts, bending plastics and much more.High impact, multi-use and undeniably versatile, the Heat Gun is designed to take on a whole host of DIY air heat gun is ergonomically designed with a multi-grip handle and optimal weight distribution – minimising user fatigue over long periods of use. It has two heat and airflow settings (120℉~1200℉) for more control depending on application. It built-in overheating protection design that makes your heat gun more safer, and more reliable.

Main Feature: electric AC heat gun

  Durable ABS body

  Dual temperature setting

  3 position rocker switch off, high, and low

  Ideal for plastic welding shrink tubing and paint stripping

  1500W, 1600W,1800W,2000W hot air gun available
Hot air gun
Model No. GHA1500 GHA1600 GHA1800 GHA2000 GHA2000a
Tated voltage 220V-240V 220V-240V 220V-240V 220V-240V 220V-240V
Output power 1000-1500W 1600W 1800W 2000W 2000W
Temperature 50-500 50-550 50-600 50-600 50-600
Air volume 300-450L 240-480L 240-480L 240-480L 240-480L
Color Red Yellow blue Dark green Dark green
Remark Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Digital display
G.W 0.8KG 0.8KG 0.8KG 0.8KG 0.8KG
N.W 0.6KG 0.6KG 0.6KG 0.6KG 0.6KG
Dimension(mm)  270x86x270 270x86x270 270x86x270 270x86x270 270x86x270